QQI Personal & Professional Development


Learn the skills to utilise a range of advanced personal and interpersonal skills.

The purpose of this QQI Level 6 Personal and Professional Development award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to utilise a range of advanced personal and interpersonal skills in variety of personal, civic and specific vocational contexts, operating autonomously and or in a supervisory capacity.

On course completion learners will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the principles and practice of personal development
  2. Identify the personal qualities and skills needed for effective participation in a chosen job or organisation, to include opportunities for further personal development and associated action plans
  3. Assess the role and practice of time management to include aids and strategies for good time management, the impact of poor time management and own personal time management behaviour
  4. Research the processes of problem-solving and decision making, to include different approaches, strategies to handle difficult problems, contingency plans, and methods of implementing and evaluating a solution
  5. Analyse the uses of goals or objectives, to include their characteristics, the role of planning and prioritization, a range of tools and strategies to assist with achieving personal, civic or vocational goals or objectives, and the role of review and evaluation
  6. Evaluate how organisations manage change, to include information, communication, analysis of the forces behind change, motivating staff and other partners, and handling reactions to change
  7. Determine strategies to resolve personal or interpersonal conflict, to include an understanding of different personalities and how they react to conflict, common causes of conflict and the role of assertiveness and co-operation in conflict resolution
  8. Link goals or objectives to available budgets and financial plans, to include periodic review and adaptation of resources to plans
  9. Delegate tasks to others, to include appropriate planning, identification of skills and strengths in others, review and management of any issues arising
  10. Respond appropriately to feedback and constructive criticism on personal performance
  11. Use strategies to recognise and cope with stress, setback and workplace pressure
  12. Reflect on own personal and professional development to include goal or objective-setting, action planning, implementation, on-going review, personal initiative

All learning outcomes must be assessed:

  • Portfolio / Collection of Work 50% – A portfolio or collection of work is a collection and/or selection of pieces of work produced by the learner over a period of time that demonstrates achievement of a range of learning outcomes. The collection may be self-generated or may be generated in response to a particular brief or tasks/activities devised by the assessor.
  • Skills Demonstration 50% – A skills demonstration is used to assess a wide range of practical based learning outcomes including practical skills and knowledge. A skills demonstration will require the learner to complete a task or series of tasks that demonstrate a range of skills.


  • Pass 50% – 64%
  • Merit 65% – 79%
  • Distinction 80% – 100%

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Learners attending this programme must meet RPL criteria. Your entry to this course is not guaranteed until the The Cpl Institute training team can confirm your RPL eligibility.

If you are unsure of your eligibility contact us on 01 895 5755.


Successful completion of this component award enables the learner to transfer to programmes leading to other certificates where this component is a mandatory or an elective requirement.


QQI Level 6 Personal and Professional Development Certificate