Driver Training

In order to manage Occupational Road Risk, drivers should be afforded periodic training. The focus of the Cpl Institute’s Fleet Safety courses is to raise driver awareness, concentration and observation skills and anticipate the probable actions of other road users and encourage best practice driver training skills on our roads.

Check out some of our courses below:

Decision Driver Training

Decision Driver Training

Our most popular driver training course. Decision Driver Training raises driver awareness, concentration and observation skills. The course involves a presentation on best practice driving skills followed by a 1:1 driving session and assessment. The course can be tailored to your requirements and standalone practical sessions can be arranged to concentrate on practical skills…


Online Driver Risk Assessments

Online Driver Risk Assessments

Assess your drivers knowledge and observation skills with our online course.

First Aid Refresher

Pre-Employment Driver Assessments

Assess your drivers before they represent your brand and company.

Post Collision Driver Support Training

Post Collision Driver Support Training

Regain driver confidence with our Post Collision Driver Support Training.

Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC Training Courses

Keep your Driver CPC requirements up-to-date with your yearly CPC module.

Off-Road 4×4 Training

Negotiate all types of terrain and understand your vehicles features and capabilities.

Safety Rep Training

Shunter Operator Training

Manoeuvre large trailers/vehicles in confined spaces with our Shunter Operator course.

Safety and Health at Work

Winter Driving Briefing

Staff briefings with helpful advice and tips for driving over the winter months. 

Driving in Ireland Familiarisation

Driving in Ireland Familiarisation

Ensure your international staff understand the Irish rules of the road and the road network. 

FAR Instructor

Trailer Towing Training

Learn the competence, knowledge and skills to safely tow trailers. 

Other related courses include: