Samsara AI Dash Cams

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Samsara AI Dash Cams are an active and effective safety programme – essential for any commercial fleet looking to protect their drivers, reputation and bottom line.

Samsara is the leader in Industrial IoT. It’s mission is to increase the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the operations – including fleets – that power the economy.

Samsara has built a complete platform for commercial Fleet Management, Driver Safety and Compliance. Combining plug and play hardware with a centralised and intuitively designed dashboard, customers get end-to-end visibility into their fleet operations and gain valuable insights to improve the way they manage their business.


Why Samsara?

Every fleet is unique in terms of vehicles and priorities. While an insurance company client may have account managers in company cars and wish to ensure business mileage logs are Revenue compliant, a commercial vehicle fleet operator will usually want to tackle areas such as fuel-use, crash-risk and asset utilisation.

In our view, the key to success is creating an environment that allows, measures and expects good driving practices. Samsara’s commercial vehicle fleet management platform is a perfect complement to our philosophy and our existing solutions.

We want you to share your fleet management challenges with us and we will work to help put proactive safety solutions in place.


How does Samsara address fleet safety, efficiency and compliance?


Driver Safety

High-definition Samsara AI Dash Cams automatically capture footage of critical events, while AI-powered reports and hyperlapse capability expedite the review process. Exonerate innocent drivers from false claims by using video evidence.

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Fleet Management

Real-time vehicle locations, route performance data, engine diagnostics, and document uploads streamline your operations. End-to-end visibility helps pinpoint inefficiencies to improve your bottom line and maximise productivity.

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An easy-to-use dashboard and driver app, as well as real-time alerts, make it simple to meet the requirements of working time and vehicle roadworthiness regulations. Samsara’s intuitive tools and pre-built reports make it easy to manage compliance efficiently.

Build a safer culture with data-driven coaching

Built-in tools and reports—like our Safety Inbox, driver coaching tools, and safety score gamification—enable day-to-day workflows that encourage consistent safety habits across your business.

By enabling a comprehensive safety-based rewards program and engaging drivers in safe driving habits, Samsara helps businesses improve their safety culture and create long-lasting change.

Streamline Compliance

Intuitive tools for your drivers and back office help simplify compliance throughout your organization. Maintain compliance while keeping up with changing regulations, driver training, onsite safety, and admin management

  • Stay compliant with an easy-to-use driver app
  • User-friendly interface for admin efficiency
  • Manage Tachograph, Walkarounds and DVIR’s

Reduce compliance risk & infringements

With proactive alerting for your drivers, sites, and admins it’s easy to stay on top of compliance and avoid risk. Create seamless workflows that help to prevent infringements before they happen.

  • Mitigate risk with proactive admin alerts
  • Temperature logging for sensitive cargo
  • Prevent violations with alerting workflows

Save time on compliance management

Improve efficiency with digitized workflows and visibility into key compliance metrics. Access reporting for Tachographs, Walkarounds, DVIR’s and more.

  • Stay updated with automated reporting
  • Improve efficiency with digitised workflows
  • Full visibility with the Compliance Dashboard

Contact us to see how Samsara can help your fleet and foster a culture of safe driving.