Forklift Training

Warehouse worker learns how to use forklift with instructor

Become a Forklift Driver or refresh your Forklift skills with The Cpl Institute.

Operating a forklift truck is a specialised skill. Many accidents are caused by untrained drivers operating trucks in ignorance of the special conditions that apply to forklifts. The Cpl Institute operates Forklift Training for beginners and experienced forklift drivers.

Course Objectives:

On completion of the course participants will be able to demonstrate safe Forklift operating skills and avoid danger to people and property.

Methods of Training:

This course is based on classroom methods and practical lessons on Forklift Trucks.

Beginner Forklift Training:

This four-day course is designed for beginners, who will receive a The Cpl Institute operators certificate, provided they achieve the required standard in the theoretical and practical tests.

Experienced Forklift Training:

This two-day course is designed for experienced operators who do not hold a certificate. The Cpl Institute (TCI) certificate is awarded to participants at the end of the course provided they achieve the required standard in the theoretical and practical tests. Experienced operators who are familiar with the steering characteristics of the lift truck and have the ability to manoeuvre both forward and reverse in a confined area. They should also be experienced in load handling functions.

Pre-course Requirements

Operators must have at least one year’s recent experience operating a lift truck and/or hold a Forklift Operator’s Certificate which has expired.

Training Options

Courses are available for any learners wishing to pursue this certification;

  • Beginners Course: 5 Days
  • Experienced Course: 2.5 Days
  • Refresher Training: 1 Day (evidence of previous training must be supplied)

Courses are administered through The Cpl Institute with training provided by qualified RTITB certified Instructors.