Post-Collision Driver Support

post-collision, Driver Support Training

Driver support training to regain driver confidence and anticipate risks.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 includes the company vehicle as a place of work and states that ’every employer shall ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of his or her employees’.

It is important to establish the cause of any work related incident, particularly where a driver has a record of repeated incidents. This will involve a review of the collision report, an assessment of the site of the event and a re-visit with the driver to the site at a similar time to that at which the event occurred. It may be that a driver has poor concentration levels, weak eyesight, or was under stress / time pressures. The objective here is to identify methods of reducing the likelihood of a similar situation happening again.

Who should attend?

Staff who drive company vehicles and were involved in an accident which has generally affected the way they drive and their confidence on the road.

Course Objectives

To identifying how the driver interprets a hazard and how they manage these hazards. Do they use “Depth Perception” skills to anticipate the possible action of others. To provoke thought in the drivers decision making and encourage broader hazard awareness.

Course Programme

Driver support training is a half day course in which there will be an informal discussion of events leading up to the incident and the drivers opinion of what actually happened. Driving a variety of road types to establish the drivers style and hazard perception skills. Where practical, we will visit the site of the incident and discuss what information was available and how another road user may interpret the site. The incident site will be approached from several directions. Open feedback will be given to the driver in a constructive manner. By looking at the overall incident in this fashion, we will aid-in reducing the risk of this reoccurring and instil confidence in the driver.

Pre-Course Requirements: A full licence for their vehicle category and vehicle.


A completed driver risk assessment form will be supplied to their employer.