Dealing with Aggressive Customers


How you and your staff behave towards customers can help to reduce the risk of abusive and violent behaviour.

The aim of our 4-hour Dealing with Aggressive Customers course is to give participants the practical knowledge and skills required to have the confidence to deal with, control and close confrontational/aggressive situations in a safe and professional manner.

Who should attend?

All staff in your organisation who deal directly with your customers should attend this Dealing with Aggressive Customers course.

Learning Outcomes:

Concepts and Contexts of Behaviour

  • Identify what makes a person confrontational or aggressive.
  • Define the term aggression and other types of behaviour to include manipulation, assertiveness and passiveness.
  • Understand cultural and attitudinal aspects of communication to include: different values and norms, tone, dialect and body language.
  • Examine types of aggression to include verbal and physical threats.

Workplace Safety – Legal Aspects

  • Discuss legislation and policy that support safety in the workplace:
    • Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005
    • Dignity at Work policy

 Communication and Assertiveness

  • Identify how to respond when a customer becomes aggressive and how not to let it escalate.
  • Consider ways to manage your own body language and tone of voice.
  • Practice and demonstrate active listening skills.
  • Practice and demonstrate low arousal techniques to diffuse aggressive situations (Case scenarios and role play)

Pre-Course Requirements:

An open mind and a willingness to learn.