IOSH Managing Safely


Gain the knowledge, confidence and skill to successfully manage health and safety in the workplace with our IOSH Managing Safely course. 

IOSH Managing Safely is a widely recognised and respected course in the field of health and safety management. It is designed to provide individuals with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively manage health and safety responsibilities in the workplace. The course will help you improve the safety awareness culture in your organisation, see your productivity increase and enhance your reputation within your sector by embedding safety and health across the whole organisation.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a professional body for health and safety practitioners. They offer a range of training courses and qualifications to promote best practices in health and safety management.

Upcoming Courses

  • ZOOM
    August 12th, 13th & 14th
    • €599.00 excl.
  • ZOOM
    November 11th, 12th & 13th
    • €599.00 excl.

IOSH Approved Provider

Who should attend IOSH Managing Safely?

The IOSH Managing Safely course is typically targeted at managers, supervisors, and team leaders who have health and safety responsibilities within their organisations. The course covers various topics related to health and safety, including risk assessment, hazard identification, accident investigation, legal compliance, and implementing control measures. The course’s aim is to provide these people with the knowledge and skills they require to manage resource and risk in compliance with their organisation’s policy and best practice in health and safety.


The course is delivered over 3 days.

Course Programme:

  • Introducing Managing Safely
  • Assessing Risks
  • Controlling Risks
  • Understanding your Responsibilities
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Investigating Accidents and Incidents
  • Measuring Performance

Course Objectives

The objectives of the IOSH Managing Safely course are to:

  1. Provide a comprehensive understanding of health and safety responsibilities in the workplace.
  2. Equip participants with the knowledge to identify and control workplace hazards.
  3. Teach effective techniques for risk assessment and risk management.
  4. Enhance awareness of legal requirements and compliance.
  5. Develop practical skills for accident investigation and reporting.
  6. Promote a proactive safety culture within the organisation.

IOSH Managing Safely is recognised internationally and can be beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their career prospects in health and safety management. It demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and equips individuals with the necessary skills to fulfil their roles effectively.

Online Training Requirements:

  • You must have access to a laptop/computer with a webcam to complete this training
  • You must be available to complete the whole course as 100% attendance is required
  • You will receive a link by email to access the training and the platform controls will be discussed at the beginning of the session

Materials and Delivery Method:

  • Each delegate receives a workbook that includes sections for notes and Q&A sessions.
  • The course will be delivered through Zoom using the IOSH presentation and referencing the course workbook.
  • English is the language in which training is delivered and participants must have a good command of the English language. If participants wish to bring an interpreter they may do so but prior notice must be given to The Cpl Institute.


Upon successful completion of the assessments (which is a multiple-choice exam and a risk assessment project) delegates will be awarded an IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.

Please let us know if participants have any specific learner requirements.