Tailored Driver Training Solutions

Tailored Driver Training Solutions

Improving road safety is a must, especially when you know the issues. Address your driver behaviour issues with our tailored driver training solutions.

Depending on the driver issues that are a cause of concern for your organisation, we can tailor driver training solutions to make a positive impact on driver behaviour. Poor driver behaviour could be reported by members of the public, visually observed by staff or in recent times, flagged by driver data through telematics vehicle systems.

Whatever the issues, we can ensure that targeted in-vehicle training is provided to your drivers to help bring their driving behaviour back in line with company policy and safe driving practices.

Who should attend?

Employees driving on company business either in a company vehicle or in their own vehicle on mileage/travel allowance.

Course Objectives

On course completion, the driver will be assessed, and specific driver behaviour will be addressed. They will also have an increased level of observation, hazard management, space management and vehicle control.

Course Programme

Tailored Driver Training Solutions may include an interactive audio-visual theory element depending on the areas that need to be addressed and a 1:1 in-vehicle assessment. The assessment lasts approximately 90 minutes, and the focus of the course is to raise driver awareness, concentration and observation skills and encourage best practice skills.

Pre-Course Requirements:

A full licence for their vehicle category and representative vehicle.


A completed driver risk assessment form will be supplied to their employer.