Online Driver Risk Assessment


Assess driver knowledge, observation and hazard perception with our online Driver Risk Assessment.

Online Driver Risk Assessment


‘Driver Assess’ is an online training and risk assessment programme designed to enhance a drivers understanding of road traffic regulations, signage in the driving area, increase observation skills and raise hazard perception skills. With all the modern day in-vehicle distractions such as LCD menu’s and sub menu’s, many drivers powers of observation have weakened and so this programme will assist the user in focusing on what they should be considering on their journey as well as anticipating the possible actions of other road users. The programme takes approximately 40-50 minutes to complete.

The driver assessment is in four parts:

  1. Attitude
  2. Knowledge
  3. Concentration/Observation
  4. Hazard Perception

There are 12 questions in each of the 4 sections (48 questions in total), consisting of multiple choice questions, images and videos.

The Observation and Hazard Perception modules contain video’s made in ‘real-world’ driving environments and the user will be required to take in as much information from the driving arena as possible in order to predict what may most likely occur ahead or which hazard presents to most threat.

Risk Rating:

The modules will each be rated Low-Medium-High risk and at the end, an overall risk rating is given. The risk rating reflects the risk you are exposed to, not the risk you pose to others. It is a not just an assessment, it is a training tool, so the user is not expected to know all the answers. Don’t be disappointed if you do not score Low Risk, whether the correct answer is selected or not, an explanation of the answer will be shown to ensure that you learn as you go.


The course should be completed on a laptop (a smartphone screen is too small for detail) and be sure to put each video in wide screen mode to ensure a clear view of the road ahead in the video sections. The course should be completed in one session without any distractions.

Manager Login:

Managers can have their own login profile to view their drivers risk ratings and see if they completed the course so you don’t need to be contacting us to see which employees have completed the training. This will show their risk ratings in the 4 areas and also an overall risk rating. We do recommend that those that receive a high risk rating are afforded practical driver training.


A certificate of completion may be printed off or downloaded at the end of the programme.

Please note the following when purchasing the course:

  • Please ensure you have an up-to-date internet browser
  • The course requires the use of headphones as there are two short videos

To purchase this online course simply book and pay online, when this has been completed you will receive an email to login and through that you will have access to launch the course. Simple!

PLEASE NOTE: Enrolments are created manually so if you purchase the course during out of office hours you may not have access until the next working day.

Practical Training

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