PHECC CFR – Community Level


Learn the skills and competence to respond and help someone who has suddenly collapsed with a CFR Community Level course.

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Dublin: The Cpl Institute – Swords

What is a Cardiac First Responder?

A cardiac first responder Community level is a person trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) who can respond to someone who has suddenly collapsed. This 4-hour CFR Community course can play a critical role in keeping a person alive until the commencement of expert medical care.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Recognise the signs of a life threatening emergency
  2. Respond in an effective, safe and appropriate manner, to a life threatening emergency, utilising basic life support skills.
  3. Retrieve and appropriately use, if required, an automated external defibrillator during a cardiac arrest.
  4. Report and Record their actions and interventions appropriately and handover to emergency medical services

Entry criteria:

There is no specific entry criterion including a minimum age. However, a course participant should be mature enough to comprehend the knowledge, skills and implications associated with defibrillation and have a maturity to complete assessment to receive certification.

The Cpl Institute currently only provide PHECC FAR training to persons over the age of 18.


PHECC’s CFR video is used to deliver the CFR Community course. Use of the video allows an instructor to deliver a course in 4 hours to 6 students.


The CFR instructor student ratio is 1:6/8; 1:8 should be the maximum allowed in exceptional circumstances only and is not the norm. The ratio of student to equipment (AED & manikin) ratio is 3:1.


Course participants may have their skills assessed throughout or at the end of the course. An assessment sheet has been developed by PHECC. The mandatory component is:

  • Skills assessment using PHECC’s CFR Community assessment sheet.


Should learners have difficulty reaching the PHECC CFR Community standard they will be supported with remediation efforts.


Cardiac First Response (CFR) Community Certificate – PHECC Accredited


Generally the full CFR course is recommended in order to recertify in CFR. A PHECC CFR Community certificate remains valid for 2 years even if a person has not undertaken refresher training.