Safe Cycling Briefing


Safe Cycling Briefings provoke thought and can help save lives.

Our virtual cycle safety briefings were created to provoke thought around safe cycling and to help cyclists understand how to manage their safety while on the road. Where possible we can tailor the course to ensure it is more specific to your work policies and procedures.

Cycling is a healthy and enjoyable way to travel to and from work and is a great form of recreation at weekends and on holiday. However, it also presents a serious risk to the cyclist as cyclists must interact with other road users in a variety of road types and conditions.

DAYTIME VIRTUAL COURSE – 1 Hour Briefing (Arranged at a time to suit your staff)

Online Training Requirements:

  • You must have access to a laptop/computer with a webcam to complete this training
  • You must be available to complete the whole course as 100% attendance is required
  • You will receive a link by email to access the training and the platform controls will be discussed at the beginning of the session

Who should attend?

All staff who cycle to and from work. The information provided on this briefing is also relevant to cycling in non-business environments such as at the weekends with the family.

Course Objectives

To provoke thought around safe cycling and help cyclists understand how to manage their safety while on the road.

Course Programme

The course consists of an interactive audio / visual presentation, including footage of actual events which occurred. The purpose of this is to identify when the potential for the situation to develop presented itself and to discuss how it could have been managed.

Pre-Course Requirements:

An open mind and a willingness to learn and improve cycle safety.