Online Training Courses

Online training courses are anywhere, anytime learning. Learners can take online courses and assessments at anytime and from any place convenient to them and without any hassles. Online learning has a ton of benefits which help save time and money and our Online Manual Handling blended learning course has been particularly convenient to our public clients as well as in-house clients. 

Check out some of our courses below:

Online Manual Handling

Manual Handling (Online Theory)

Our most popular online training course. Save time and complete our Manual Handling course (theory only) online, then arrange the practical session onsite. It’s a 25 minute online course designed to help organisations deliver Manual handling training to employees and reduce the time spent training onsite.


Online First Aid Essentials

Recognising the signs of injury or illness and understanding how to administer first aid can help keep a casualty safe and prevent further harm before a qualified first aider or the emergency services arrive on the scene. This course will give you basic first aid skills to ensure you are aware of what to do in an emergency.


Online GDPR Course

GDPR Awareness Training

Learn about General Data Protection Regulations and your responsibilities when working with personal data.

Working from Home Essentials

Take care of your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being while working from home.

Fraud Prevention Awareness

Ensure your colleagues can recognise the signs that fraud might be occurring in the workplace.

Cyber Security Awareness

Reduce the chance of your organisation becoming a victim of a cyber security crime.

COVID-19 Return to Work Induction

Providing information on return to work protocols in preventing COVID-19 in the workplace

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Learn about Mental Health with our online Mental Health Awareness course.

Driver CPC Training

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Learn Fire Safety skills and be aware of dangers with our online awareness course.

Online Driver Risk Assessments

Driver Risk Assessments

Assess your drivers knowledge and observation skills with our online course.

Food Safety Course

Online Food Safety – Level 1

Learn the importance of basic food safety standards and hygiene principles.

Online Chemical Safety Awareness

Online Chemical Safety Awareness

Learn about Chemical Safety and your responsibilities when working with hazardous substances.

Online Abrasive Wheels Awareness Training

Online Abrasive Wheels Awareness

Learn about the safe use of abrasive wheels with our online Abrasive Wheels awareness training.

Hand Arm Vibration Awareness Training

Online Hand Arm Vibration Awareness

Minimise injury and long term effects of using vibrating equipment with our online course.

Stress Management

Understanding & Managing Stress

Help staff understand and manage their well-being with our managing stress course.

Online Working from Height Training

Working from Height Training

This course provides information and training to those who work from height. 

Online Display Screen Equipment Awareness

DSE Awareness Training

Minimise the risk of injury by ensuring your workstation is suitable for your needs.

Time Management

Online Time Management

Achieve a better work-life balance with our online Time Management course.

Equality and Diversity Awareness

Equality and Diversity Awareness

Learn about Equality and Diversity in the workplace with our online course.

Driver Safety Awareness

Increase your road safety awareness with this 40 minute online course.

Stress Management

Money Laundering Awareness

Identify the possible signs of Money Laundering with our awareness course.

Stress Management

Risk Assessment Training

Learn how to carry out a Risk Assessment in your workplace with our online course.

Phishing Course

Phishing Awareness Training

Safeguard your business by ensuring your staff are aware of Phishing attacks.

PPE Awareness

PPE Online Awareness

Consider the role of PPE within a safe system of work with our online course.

Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness

Slips, Trips & Falls Awareness

Identify risks, potential hazards and prevent accidents with our online course.

Pregnant Worker Awareness

Pregnant Worker Awareness

Know the benefits, responsibilities and hazards of a Pregnant worker. 

Online Health and Safety Awareness

Health & Safety Awareness

Introduce your staff and colleagues to health and safety policies and procedures. 

Online Fire Warden Course

Online Fire Warden Course

Ensure you know your responsibilities as a Fire Warden with our online course.

Lock Out Tag Out

Lock Out Tag Out Awareness

Keep your workplace and colleagues safe by completing our online LOTO course.