Online Training Courses

Online training courses are anywhere, anytime learning. Learners can take online courses and assessments at anytime and from any place convenient to them and without any hassles. Online learning has a ton of benefits which help save time and money and our Online Manual Handling blended learning course has been particularly convenient to our public clients as well as in-house clients. 

Check out some of our courses below:

Online Manual Handling

Manual Handling (Theory)

Our most popular online training course. Save time and complete our Online Manual Handling course (theory only), then arrange the practical session. It’s a 25 minute course designed to help organisations deliver Manual handling training to employees as soon as they begin work and before they might need to undertake a manual handling task.


Online GDPR Course

GDPR Awareness Training

Learn about the General Data Protection Regulations that have come into force.

Stress Management

Understanding & Managing Stress

Help staff understand and manage their well-being with our managing stress course.

Online CPR Awareness Training

CPR Awareness Training

Learn the skills to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Driver CPC Training

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Learn Fire Safety skills and be aware of dangers with our online awareness course.

Online Driver Risk Assessments

Driver Risk Assessments

Assess your drivers knowledge and observation skills with our online course.

Stress Management

Money Laundering Awareness

Identify the possible signs of Money Laundering with our awareness course.

Phishing Course

Phishing Awareness Training

Safeguard your business by ensuring your staff are aware of Phishing attacks.

Online Health and Safety Awareness

Health & Safety Awareness

Introduce your staff and colleagues to health and safety policies and procedures. 

Online Display Screen Equipment Awareness

DSE Awareness Training

Minimise the risk of injury by ensuring your workstation is suitable for your needs.

Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness

Slips, Trips & Falls Awareness

Identify risks, potential hazards and prevent accidents with our online course.

Pregnant Worker Awareness

Pregnant Worker Awareness

Know the benefits, responsibilities and hazards of a Pregnant worker. 

Online Display Screen Equipment Awareness

Road Safety Awareness

Increase your road safety awareness with this 40 minute online course.