PHECC Emergency First Response Instructor


Become a PHECC Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor with The Cpl Institute

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Successful learners will receive a PHECC EFR Instructor certificate qualifying them for three years as a Emergency First Responder Instructor from PHECC. It will ensure demonstrable competency in the practical conduct of EFR Courses.

The ‘training for trainers’ section of this course will enable delegates to deliver training which is specifically tailored to the standards laid down by PHECC.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Access to an EFR instructor course is restricted to PHECC registered practitioners EMTs, paramedics and advanced paramedics. Furthermore, award of EFR instructor cards/certificates as per the recognised institution’s recognition of prior learning policy is restricted to PHECC registered practitioners.
  • Certification at CFR Advanced instructor level. This CFR Advanced instructor certification must be maintained.

Course Aims

This 3-day course aims bring students up to EFR Instructor Standard which will enable them to provide EFR training courses.


Students must be a PHECC Registered Practitioner and be certified as a CFR Advanced Instructor to be eligible to attend the course.

Course Contents EFR

  • Legislation, PHECC Guidelines
  • Training Delivery, Defining Aims & Objectives
  • EFFR Lesson Plans
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Planning your training course
  • Teaching Patient Assessment & Respiratory Emergencies
  • CPR Practice & Medical Emergencies
  • Adult CPR Practice / Adult Two Person CPR Practice
  • Adult Foreign Body Airway Obstruction Practice
  • Infant & Child CPR Practice
  • Infant & Child Foreign Body Airway Obstruction Practice
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Teaching Obstetric & Paediatric Emergencies
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Teaching EFR towards recognised standards
  • Teaching Trauma Techniques
  • Additional Medical Information to teach
  • Initial Student Presentation
  • Teaching Pharmacology & Infection Control
  • PHECC CFR Skill Sheets
  • Certification Documentation for Phecc
  • Videoed Individual Presentations
  • Written Examination & Phecc Assessment Preparation

PHECC EFR Assessment

To complete the PHECC EFR Instructor Assessment, students will be required to successfully complete the PHECC Skill Drills, complete a written question paper and deliver a section of the EFR course which will be videoed.

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