Become a PHECC Affiliate Instructor

Would you like to become a PHECC Affiliate Instructor with The Cpl Institute?

We have changed our processes to better manage and control the delivery of our PHECC courses to ensure the quality and compliance standards are in line with the PHECC Education and Training standards.

To become a member of our PHECC Faculty and to deliver training as a PHECC Affiliate Instructor with us you will be required to provide us with:

  • Personal information and company information
  • Evidence of qualification/competency, including PHECC Instructor Certificates/CPG Training
  • Insurance Cover
  • CV
  • References & evidence of previous courses delivered

When we receive your details we will go through it all and our Training Manager will be in touch with you.

Contract & Induction

If you are approved by our Training Manager you will be required to complete:

  1. Contract, a service level agreement and a role profile
  2. An online Equality & Diversity Awareness course
  3. An online GDPR Awareness course.
  4. Induction Training including teaching ethos and our quality management system
  5. Sign a declaration of the equipment you have and use as part of the delivery of PHECC programmes. This includes manikins, training AED’s and associated equipment.

The online courses will be provided to you free of charge.

Course Equipment & Paperwork Provided:

What you receive as a PHECC Affiliate Instructor for each course you book:

  • Course Presentation
  • First Aid Response Handbooks
  • Pocket Masks
  • CPG manuals
  • Pens
  • Course Attendance Sheet
  • Course Skills Assessment Sheets
  • Course Feedback Access
  • PHECC Certification

Course Monitoring

We are required to ensure we monitor the quality of our services in compliance with PHECC Education and Training standards. An Assessor may visit you at some point to ensure the course is being delivered in line with our quality system requirements and is taking place as agreed at the time of booking.

A report and clear compliance are required to ensure you remain part of our faculty as an PHECC Affiliate Instructor under our ATI responsibilities. This will be discussed further with you at Induction.

Course Costs:

The charges associated with the delivery of this programme and for us to provide you with the materials and certification are shown below. The costs include the delivery by courier of a training pack nationwide. We also have to cover the costs in sending an instructor to monitor your course delivery when scheduled.

The course costs include:

First Aid Response Pack:

  • Pack for 8 Learners = €450
  • Pack for 7 Learners = €425
  • Pack for 6 Learners = €400
  • Pack for 5 Learners = €375
  • Pack for 4 Learners = €350

Cardiac First Response Community Pack:

  • Pack for 6 Learners x €300
  • Pack for 5 Learners x €285
  • Pack for 4 Learners x €270
  • Pack for 3 Learners x €255
  • Pack for 2 Learners x €240

If you purchase a pack and more people attend than planned (please note: maximum allowed is 8 on FAR, 6 on CFR) you will have to pay an extra cost for us to supply this person with manuals and handbooks, €25 per person for FAR & €15 per person for CFR.  A courier charge of €10 will also apply. We will then courier out the extra manuals to the learner/s who were unaccounted for on the original booking.

Should you purchase a pack and less than planned attend the training, you will have the associated costs credited to your account for your next course.

Please note, that 14 days’ notice is required to register a course and this must be strictly adhered to. This will allow us to ensure we can get the training pack created and delivered to you or the training venue in time. However, there may be some flexibility in certain circumstances.

All organisations who provide the PHECC Affiliate Instructor service must have a similar process in place to ensure compliance with PHECC. They should be providing all the materials to you and ensuring you are monitored each year.

Join our PHECC Faculty

To request to join our PHECC Faculty and become a PHECC Affiliate Instructor with The Cpl Institute please fill out our ‘Join our panel of Instructors’ form AT THIS LINK.