Risk Assessment Training

risk-assessment-training-2, Risk Assessment Training

Learn how to carry out a Risk Assessment in your workplace.

Our Risk Assessment training course is for people who have the responsibility of carrying out, or participating in, a risk assessment process. This might be a front line worker, supervisor or manager.

Risk Assessment training encourages the person managing the risk assessment to involve a team, including employees with practical knowledge of the activity or process being assessed.  Advice is given on how to produce consistent risk judgments across an organisation by using agreed definitions for “low”, “medium” and “high” ratings of severity and likelihood.

The Risk Assessment training course explains how to select the most cost-effective and powerful risk controls, and provides advice on determining how often risk assessments should be reviewed.

Duration: 1-Day

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the legal requirements to conduct Risk Assessments in the Workplace
  • Describe the role Risk Assessment plays as part of the Safety Management System
  • Explain the principle Risk Assessment definitions
  • List the steps in the Risk Assessment Process
  • Apply Risk Assessment to common workplace scenarios
  • Outline the steps involved in organising a Risk Assessment Programme

Areas covered include:

  • The process of Risk Assessment
  • Risk assessment recording and reviewing procedures
  • Fundamental strategies for controlling hazards and reducing risk
  • The various hazard control and risk reduction methods available


Risk Assessment Training Certificate – The Cpl Institute (TCI)

Please let us know if participants have any specific learner requirements.

Add to your personal skill set and add more value to your company by completing a Risk Assessment course with The Cpl Institute.