Banksman Training


Banksman Training – Raise awareness of the dangers caused when reversing

Every year, a number of people are injured and even killed by vehicles on company sites. Many accidents do not result in injury, but cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and company premises. A lot of these accidents happen at low speed and could easily be prevented by having proper safety procedures in place.

This Banksman Training course is aimed at those in the transport/warehousing sector (for Banksman/Slingers course refer to and ensures that companies meet their legal requirements and reduces the risk of costly accidents. The course will raise the awareness of the dangers caused when reversing and provide candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge, techniques and hand signals to assist drivers when manoeuvring their vehicle before loading / unloading.

Who should attend?

All truck drivers and any person responsible for assisting drivers whilst manoeuvring their vehicle before loading / unloading e.g. Refuse truck assistants.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course participants will be:

  • Aware of employers and employees responsibilities in relation to safety
  • Familiar with what Protection Personal Equipment (PPE) to be used for Personal Safety
  • Able to identify the hazards and risks of being a Banksman Operator
  • Able to identify potential danger areas within your site
  • Able to demonstrate hand signals / safe standing positions

Course Programm

  • Introduction
  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Safety Precautions and Procedures
  • Banksman / Operator Responsibility
  • Personal Safety
  • Identification of dangers
  • Principles of Hand Signals / standing Positions
  • Reversing of vehicles in confined spaces
  • Discuss on site Risk Assessments
  • On-Site Practical Session
  • Practical session to demonstrate correct hand signals, safe standing positions for assisting a driver when a driver is manoeuvring his vehicle.
  • Individual and group debrief

Pre-Course Requirements: Vehicle to be supplied on site by the Company


The Cpl Institute Certificate of Attendance.