Winter Driving Briefing


Prepare your staff for driving in the winter months with our 1-hour Winter Driving Briefing

Keep your staff and colleagues safe on the road this winter with our 1-hour Winter Driving Briefing. Encourage all staff to adapt their driving style to suit the challenging conditions which we may encounter during the winter months, both to and from work and also on private family journeys.

Topics covered on the Winter Driving Briefing:

  • Vehicle checks
  • Importance of weather forecasts
  • Tyre condition and water dispersion limits at low but legal tread depths
  • Using air conditioning in winter
  • Standing water and risk of aquaplaning.
  • Driving in fog and other poor visibility
  • Rural road and pedestrians-cyclists
  • How strong winds affect others
  • Wet leaves-rural bends
  • Black ice
  • Driving on snow, use of gears
  • Negotiating a flooded stretch of road without damaging your car
  • What is ABS-TC & ESP? How do they work?

These sessions can be run at a time to suit your company and can be done as a lunchtime toolbox talk or similar.

The costs are set per session regardless of numbers so the more that attend the better the value.

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