Manual Handling Instructor Pack

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Ensure you have the delivery and assessment materials to back up your skills as a Manual Handling Instructor.

As a leading provider of QQI Manual Handling Instruction courses nationwide, we are aware of how learners who become qualified instructors may struggle to come up with the material required to manage their courses and ensure assessments are correctly carried out.

Manual Handling Instructor Pack


While we can ensure our instructor courses are run correctly with all areas covered, we can’t ensure that our learners carry out training as instructors using the right course content and compliance documents. This is where we are looking to help and ensure instructors are prepared with the right materials, presentation and skills assessments to ensure a quality course for their learners.

Our Manual Handling Instructor pack will streamline your courses and ensure you are meeting all the legal requirements in respect of the of manual handling course requirements.

This offering is available for…

  • Current Instructor course attendees – Generic Blank Pack (on request)
  • Current Instructor course attendees – Customised Pack with Logos & Colours – Discounted to €99 (Contact Us)
  • Previously qualified QQI Instructors pending their QQI certificate as proof – Customised Pack with Logos & Colours €199

The Manual Handling Instructor Pack includes:

  • Course Attendance Sheet
  • Course Declaration Form (To be completed and signed by learners confirming their ability to carry out the practical lifts)
  • Course Presentation
  • Course Quiz
  • Practical Lifts Assessment Form
  • Learner Feedback Form
  • Course Certificate

This pack includes all the paperwork required to carry out manual handling courses after receiving your QQI Level 6 Manual Handling Instruction certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: On purchasing the Manual Handling Instructor Pack, it will be sent out by email as PDF documents. Each pack will be branded with your colours, your name or by a logo provided to us (can be submitted at the bottom of this page).

We feel this pack will compliment our Manual Handling Instructor courses and get learners up and running quickly, easily and most importantly, professionally.

If you would like to purchase the pack, simply do so at the top of this page. Also, if you want to submit a logo and your colours used to brand the documents you can do so through the form below.

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