Bespoke Staff Briefings

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Provide your staff with Bespoke Briefings in areas that suit you and your organisation.

Our clients regularly request bespoke staff  briefings for their employees. These briefings keep them up to date on new legislation in their areas or raise awareness of certain subjects. These sessions are very beneficial for staff. They are informative and interactive and involve question and answer sessions which always raise interesting topics and create discussions!

Some of our popular briefings which are requested regularly are:

  • Performance Management Briefings
  • Senior Manager Legal Briefings
  • Updated Legislation Briefings
  • Risk Assessment Briefings
  • First Aid Awareness Briefings
  • Health and Safety Briefings
  • Fire Safety Briefings
  • Driver Safety Briefings
  • Winter Driving Awareness Briefings
  • Cycle Safety Briefings

We can also provide briefings on any of the subjects of the courses we provide. Simply call us to discuss your requirements.

Briefing Times:

We can tailor the briefing times to suit you. So if you want 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour or more let us know and we can shorten or extend the briefings to suit your requirements.

Briefing Content:

The briefings consist of an interactive audio / visual presentation, they may including footage of actual events which have occurred. The purpose of this is to give real life scenarios of the subjects in question and case studies that go hand and hand with the learning experience.

The briefing content can include issues specific to the operations of your organisation, such as work policies etc. Just let us know and we can include them in your briefing.

Pre-Briefing Requirements:

An open mind and a willingness to learn.