Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are used widely in job applications. Ensure the person you are considering for a role has the right level of skills, the personality to meet the demands of the job and is the right fit for the culture of the organisation.

The Cpl Institute as part of the Cpl Group specialise in end-to-end support for organisations and individuals at all stages of the training and employee lifecycle. Our approach is one of collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders and developing relationships to benefit all parties. We help organisations engage, develop and retain their talent, and align talent strategy with business objectives to benefit them in the future.

Cpl have supported numerous clients throughout their recruitment process, in extremely competitive candidate markets where staff attraction and retention are top priority.

Psychometric Tests

The Cpl Institute can provide a range of psychometric tests, these include:

  • Aptitude Tests
  • Skills Tests
  • Personality Profiling

We support clients with assessments for recruitment and selection, internal promotion, and personal, team and leadership development. Our approach with each client is to understand the context of the job and what personality dimensions and competencies are required for specific roles. This is to ensure that all of our clients get the most appropriate assessments for their requirements.


Through our sister company within Cpl, Talent Transitions, Cpl TEG, additional services include:


We can support organisations and individuals through planned and unplanned redundancies with an aim to ensure the process remains as positive as possible, through a time which is frequently tough for individuals and organisations.

We offer solutions on an individual or group basis, depending on client requirements. Our outplacement support & outplacement programmes cover areas such as self-appraisal & self-marketing, importance of networking, and CV & interview preparation.

Interview Training

We conduct interview training for Hiring Managers in client companies, who are inexperienced in conducting candidate interviews. The aim of this training is to ensure that participants in the training are comfortable conducting interviews, which will ensure a good candidate experience for the interviewee. This training also aims to increase the chances of our client businesses hiring the most appropriate candidates for their role, based on areas such as cultural fit or experience.

We also conduct interview training for interviewees who are getting ready to go through the interview process. This can be on an individual basis or if a company wants to arrange training for a group of candidates in advance of going through the interview process for open roles in their business.

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