Online Noise at Work Training


Noise at Work online training explains what sound is and how it impacts both health and safety.

Online Noise at Work


Our 40-minute Noise at Work course explains how noise and noise exposure are measured, so that the user can interpret noise surveys and use them in a risk assessment, but is not intended as a comprehensive course on carrying out noise surveys.

The hierarchy of noise controls is explained, with an emphasis on eliminating sources of noise, reducing noise at source, and minimising time spent exposed to noise. Where hearing protection is needed to manage the residual risk, the Noise at Work training outlines how to select and wear hearing protection, although this is not a substitute for manufacturers’ information on products, or for a face-to-face demonstration and assessment of correct use of hearing protection.

Device to use for completion:

Use a Laptop or Desktop computer to complete this online course. Smartphones are not recommended to use to complete this training as brands and phone specifications are different from one smartphone to the next and can cause login issues or compatibility issues. Also the Internet Explorer browser was discontinued in 2015 and unfortunately older versions of the browser are still being used. This has caused login issues when trying to complete the course so it is advised to use the Google Chrome internet browser or a similar up-to-date browser to complete the course.

This Noise at Work Online Training course covers:

  • How to recognise harmful exposure to noise.
  • The importance of reducing noise exposure at source.
  • How to select and wear hearing protection.

Please note the following when purchasing the course:

  • The online Noise at Work course will take approximately 40 minutes to complete
  • There is no sound associated with the course so no headphones are needed
  • The course must be completed in order to obtain the certificate of completion

To purchase this online course simply book and pay online, when this has been completed you will receive an email with your username and password and you will have access to the link to login and launch the course.

Enrolments are created manually so if you purchase the course during out of office hours you may not have access until the next working day.