First Aid Response Instructor Recertification

FAR Instructor Recertification

Refresh your PHECC FAR Instructor Qualification

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Our PHECC 1-day First Aid Response Instructor Re-certification course is valid for 2 years. It is the responsibility of every instructor to re-certify before their certificate lapses. First Aid Response (and CFR) instructors who are faculty members must renew their instructor certificates with a PHECC Approved Training Institution (ATI), like The Cpl Institute. 

Who should attend? All PHECC FAR instructors who need to re-certify within the 2-year period

What is required to be re-certified?

  • Verification of a valid First Aid Response (and CFR) instructor certificate
  • Evidence of a balance of FAR and CFR courses delivered; minimum 4 courses in the preceding 2 years
  • Assessment of First Aid Response (and CFR) provider skills
  • Assessment of First Aid Response (and CFR) instructor skills (mock class room set up)
  • Provision of any CPG updates (as applicable)

This 1-day course will entail:

  1. Presentation delivered by each Instructor on a specific First Aid Topic on the day to include theory and a skills demonstration. (random topic given on the day). *Presentation will be delivered off The Cpl institute FAR presentation.
  2. Written exam at the end of the course.


Successful participants will receive a PHECC First Aid Responder (FAR) Instructor Certificate

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