Work as an effective member of a team

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to work as an effective member of a team, operating independently while under general direction and within a range of diverse, team-oriented environments.

To be eligible to sit this course you must be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This means that learners must have experience in healthcare, homecare or family care and as such must be deemed competent in a range of learning outcomes. After purchasing, an eligibility form will be emailed to you which must be completed and submitted to confirm your eligibility. *If you don’t meet the requirements you will be refunded your course fee.

If you have no experience in the above areas please contact us to discuss your requirements.

On course completion learner will be able to:

  1. Examine the concept, features, types and impact of teamwork within diverse formal and informal structures, for organisations, systems and individuals
  2. Analyse the roles, responsibilities, characteristics and skills of team members, including leaders, coaches and trainers
  3. Analyse the elements and stages of team development
  4. Summarise key opportunities and challenges of inter and intra teamwork or of multi-team environments
  5. Participate in setting team objectives and subsequent evaluation, to include control mechanisms such as on-going feedback and documentation, and performance measurement
  6. Participate in core teamworking activities, to include negotiation, problem-solving, finding solutions, decision-making and conflict resolution
  7. Demonstrate appropriate communications, problem-solving and negotiation techniques in a range of teamworking situations and roles, to include leadership roles and giving and receiving feedback
  8. Monitor personal strengths and weaknesses as a team participant, including interpersonal communications skills and problem-solving skills.

All learning outcomes must be assessed:

  • Portfolio / Collection of Work 60% – A portfolio or collection of work is a collection and/or selection of pieces of work produced by the learner over a period of time that demonstrates achievement of a range of learning outcomes. The collection may be self-generated or may be generated in response to a particular brief or tasks/activities devised by the assessor
  • Skills Demonstration 40% – A skills demonstration is used to assess a wide range of practical based learning outcomes including practical skills and knowledge. A skills demonstration will require the learner to complete a task or series of tasks that demonstrate a range of skills. 


  • Pass 50% – 64%
  • Merit 65% – 79%
  • Distinction 80% – 100%

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Successful completion of this component award enables the learner to transfer to programmes leading to other certificates where this component is a mandatory or an elective requirement.