PHECC First Aid Responder Update

We are now validated to offer FAR Instructor and First Aid Responder training.

The Cpl Institute as a PHECC Approved Training Institution (ATI) wish to announce that we are now validated to offer FAR Instructor and First Aid Responder training which includes the transition of OFA Instructors to become FAR Instructors under Recognition of Prior Learning. 

What is First Aid Response (FAR)?

First Aid Response or FAR is PHECC’s newest education and training standard. It’s a foundation first aid course that trains course participants to provide first aid for a person who becomes suddenly unwell or injured until the arrival of emergency medical services. FAR includes the full Cardiac First Response Community standard also.

Who are first aid responders?

A first aid responder may be a healthcare practitioner or a member of the public who has undertaken a First Aid Response course. The first aid responder will be taught how to assess and manage patients in accordance with the PHECC FAR standard and clinical practice guidelines (CPGs).

What can I expect on a PHECC FAR course?

Only PHECC Approved Training Institutions (ATI’s) can deliver a FAR course. The course should take no less than 18 teaching contact hours (averaging 6 hours per day), but can also be delivered on a modular basis e.g. over successive weekends. It will be delivered by a certified FAR instructor who will lead and guide you through the course. You can expect the course to be delivered by a combination of presentations, demonstrations and lots of practical sessions. The CFR part of the course takes about 4-5 hours and is DVD led. The assessment will be skills based and a short multiple choice question exam designed to reinforce the knowledge and skills learnt on the course.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, all successful course participants will receive a PHECC certificate from The Cpl Institute, a PHECC Approved Training Institution (ATI). The certificate will expire after 2 years when you may re-certify.

How do I become a FAR Instructor?

To be considered eligible for entry to a FAR instructor course you must:

  1. Have a valid FAR or EFR provider certificate or show evidence of PHECC practitioner registration (EMT, P or AP)
  2. Have a valid CFR instructor certificate and this must be maintained
  3. Complete a 2-day FAR Instructor course which includes tuition in instructional methods and a period of supervised teaching practice. The period of supervised teaching practice is not specified and may be extended until the specific learning outcomes are achieved. The typical pathway is to assist on the first course, part teach the second and deliver a third independently while being monitored.

I am an OFA instructor, how can I become a FAR instructor?

OFA instructors may apply to have their qualifications individually assessed by a PHECC Approved Training Institution (ATI) in accordance with their recognition of prior learning (RPL) policy and procedures. PHECC Approved Training Institutions (ATI) may reserve the right to refuse RPL applications. First Aid Response Instructor certification by RPL should include at a minimum:

  1. Verification of the OFA instructor certificate (FETAC/QQI award) and CFR instructor certificate
  2. Assessment of CFR instructor and First Aid Response instructor skills/competencies by a First Aid Response instructor trainer using standard evaluation forms prepared by the institution.
  3. Provision of clinical updates as necessary i.e. PHECC CPGs at CFR and First Aid Response level.
  4. A FAR MCQ exam. OFA instructors who choose this route must be mindful that there are separate mandatory requirement for retaining both OFA instructor and First Aid Response instructor (also CFR instructor) certification from two distinct certification/ accreditation systems (Fetac/QQI and PHECC).

As a FAR Instructor, what are my options for delivering training?

A FAR Instructor has two options to deliver PHECC approved training and certification: – Join an existing recognised institution as a member of their faculty – Apply as an individual to PHECC for recognition of institution and course approval for FAR.

For further details on the RPL process and dates available in your location contact Laura on 086 3879279 or email her at

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