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Recognition of Prior Learning for First Aid Instruction to First Aid Response Instructor

HSA Update 31/08/2017: From the 1st of January 2018, the HSA will only recognise the PHECC First Aid Response Education and Training Standard (FAR) as meeting the needs of first aid in all workplaces. 

Certificates issued by recognised training providers up to the 31st December 2017 will also be recognised by the HSA for a 2 year period.

“The FAR Standard provides for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), this facilitates the transition of OFA instructors to FAR. It is important that those OFA instructors, who have not already done so, should without delay apply to a PHECC Approved Training Institution (ATI), approved to provide the FAR instructor course, to have their qualification/s assessed with a view to becoming FAR certified.”

Instructors who successfully complete the 1 day FAR Instructor  RPL programme will be recognised to deliver the First Aid Responder programme and the 2 yearly refresher training requirements for all learners.

The programme will consist of revision of all first aid skills, a review of  instructional methods and an introduction to the PHECC assessment and evaluation tools

Learning Outcomes:

The learning outcomes are aligned to the PHECC Educational Training Standards:

The common competencies that Instructors must be able to demonstrate as part of the First Aid Responder standard are:

  1. Recognise and Assess the causes and effects of sudden illness and/or injury in a pre-hospital environment and call for emergency medical services.
  2. React to such pre-hospital emergencies (plus those generated by “Special Circumstances”, to be defined for each SC award), utilising PHECC CPGs.
  3. Respond in a safe, effective, and appropriate manner to such emergencies utilising the First Aid Response skill set and in accordance with PHECC CPGs as part of the pre-hospital continuum of care.
  4. Record and Report actions and interventions taken while responding to and managing such incidents and during handover to emergency medical services.
  5. Retain a professional and caring attitude in their performance as First Aid Responders.

FAR Instructor RPL Assessment

The assessment criteria for this RPL session will be both formative and summative. Skills will be assessed during the programme, with an SAQ on completion at the summation of the day in both instructional methods and first aid theoretical knowledge.

The format of the assessment has been aligned to PHECC criteria as below:

Course participants will have their skills assessed throughout or at the end of the course. Assessment sheets are developed and published by PHECC. The Responder Level Examination Handout for Recognised Institutions (PUB034) is also available. The mandatory components of RPL Instructor assessments are:

  1. Delivery a theoretical presentation ( 10 min duration).
  2. Demonstrate a skill as per Phecc module descriptor
  3. Complete full set of FAR skills assessments

Complete a short SAQ: pass mark is 80%

FAR Instructor RPL Certification:

Successful participants will receive a PHECC First Aid Responder (FAR) Instructor Certificate

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