DSE Awareness

DSE eLearning

Learn the the correct set up and safe use of your computer workstation, desk and chair.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Awareness eLearning is a 25 minute course that instructs people how to correctly set up and use their computer workstation safely, including desk and chair. By completing this course, you will benefit from an increased awareness of DSE related hazards and instruction on how to avoid them.

Training Aims:

  • A comfortable sitting posture
  • Correct keyboard and mouse techniques
  • The importance of organising a workstation to suit individual needs
  • The importance of varying posture throughout the day
  • Eyestrain prevention and eyesight policy
  • The correct use of laptops and other mobile devices
  • The benefit of simple stretching exercises at regular intervals

DSE eLearning is a highly cost effective way of training and assessing large numbers of staff


Please ensure to type the name and email address of the people/person you are looking to enrol on the course in the order notes box on checkout.

Please note the following when purchasing the course:

  • The course will take approximately 25 minutes to complete
  • There is no sound associated with the course so no headphones are needed
  • The course must be completed in order to obtain the certificate of completion

To purchase this online course simply book and pay online at the top right hand side, when this has been completed you will receive an email with your username and password and you will have access to the link to login and launch the course.

Course Screenshot below:

DSE eL image