Continuous Learning & Career Progression

Continuous Learning, Career Progression

“Continuous Learning isn’t just a choice anymore, it’s a requirement for progression”.

Continuous Learning isn’t just a choice anymore, it’s a requirement for progression. It is not just about progression in business, it also influences how you feel about yourself and how you value yourself both in society and in your workplace. We need to develop and motivate ourselves to learn new skills and enhance our skill set for career progression.

If the Irish recession has shown us anything, it is that you can’t be proficient in just one area anymore, you need to be able to evolve and adapt to new work practices, procedures and requirements, no matter what industry you are in. That’s where continuous learning comes in.

In most professional careers you are required to undertake continuous professional development, be that self-directed or compulsory. With the speed of change in business, it is hugely important to stay on top of what is relevant to your business and profession in order to progress. This can be achieved by completing short courses or something more long term like a college certificate/diploma or degree.

It is important to up-skill yourself on the work you do with continuous learning. Ensure you complete courses that you feel will complement your skill set and the job that you do to aid in your career progression. This will give you a better all-round grasp of your job and the skills you need to do it to a high level.

Continuous Learning

How to stand out?

The question these days is how do those who have qualifications stand out from those with similar qualifications? Whether you are looking for a new job or looking to move up in your present job, Continuous Learning is the answer.

The ability to show that you are looking to improve yourself, your skills and add to your qualifications shows you care about your work and are more than likely adaptable to change.

There are 3 types of employees, those that are engaged, not engaged and finally those who are actively disengaged (Gallup – The State of the Global Workplace 2010). Everyone has worked with people who just come into work, do as little as possible, do nothing more than required and are generally unhappy with their jobs and their tasks. The only way to get out of this is to do something about it. Make a plan towards what you want to do and how you will get there.

To conclude:

If you are unsure as to what you want to do with your career or the direction it is going, then YOU are the one who must to do something about it. Whether it be going to college for the first time or going back to college, completing online courses or learning new things through YouTube tutorials. Continuous learning is key to your career progression.

If you can’t commit to something long term, then complete short term courses. It could allow you to move in a different direction within your area of expertise or give you the ability to learn new things that could lead you to the job or career that you enjoy.

Ultimately, you are your own obstacle.

Career Progression

At the Cpl Institute we offer a number of short term accredited courses under the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) that will help you up-skill in a number of areas:

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