qqi-award-logo-mid-7134481Information Note in Relation to RPL
What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning is an application made on behalf of learners by a training provider to facilitate the delivery of training with an emphasis on particular elements of a programme where learners due to previously attained knowledge, skills or life experience have full knowledge of these outcomes and so may concentrate on the delivery of other outcomes. It does not mean delivering programmes over a short time and is not a way around validation requirements.

How are Programmes Validated?

In order for providers to deliver QQI programmes, the provider must design a programme to a pre-determined list of learning outcomes over a specific duration with clearly expressed methodologies and outline how the learning outcomes may be assessed assuring the assessment of all learning outcomes. QQI then review and agree to validate the programme which the provider will then deliver.

Application for RPL

When learners apply to join a course, they speak to our sales team who on request will outline the availability of RPL and then provide application forms for RPL which are course specific. Learners must then review the application and highlight areas of competence which must be confirmed in writing (on the form) by their employer.

The sales team will then review the RPL application and advise the learners of their eligibility to join a course with learners of similar capabilities. If learners do not have prior knowledge or experience, they must complete the course in its entirety which for a level 5 course has a duration of 7 days i.e. 50 directed training hours as validated with QQI.

Course Delivery for RPL Learners Trainers will be shown the RPL applications and will on course commencement review the learning outcomes which are specified at the start of each presentation. Those learning outcomes will then be briefly covered in a workshop style delivery before progressing into more detailed delivery of learning outcomes which are less familiar or unfamiliar to learners.

What is RPL not?

  • A way of completing course over shorter duration
  • Just a paperwork exercise!